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    If I buy powders, can VTECH ship to my address?

    VTECH offers three options of shipping methods: express, air shipping and sea shipping. Clients can choose one shipping method which is mostly suitable for himself, also considering cost and time.

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    How to buy metal powders from VTECH?

    Clients can find contact information in the website. Our service is available at time 8:30am - 17:30pm, from Monday to Saturday.

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    What are the strengths of metal powders produced by VTECH?

    Metal powder materials is the crucial base of developing metal 3D printing technology. The sate of development, to a large extent, determines the development of metal additive manufacturing industry. Therefore, there are limit requirements to high performance index of metal powder materials: high purity, low impurity content, high sphericity, high packing density and high flow properties. That’s the high-quality powders produced by VTECH.
    VTECH powders can fit with many brands of metal 3d printing machines, such as EOS, SLM Solutions, Concept laser, Renishow, Farsoon, etc.

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    What applications can powders be used for?

    Metal powders produced by VTECH can be used in many industries, including 3D printing, laser cladding, thermal spray, metal Injection Molding, powder welding, hot isostatic pressing, etc.

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    Can VTECH customize metal powders for me?

    VTECH provides flexible customization services of metal powders to our clients. Welcome contact for mutual-beneficial cooperation anytime!

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    What are the characteristics of metal powders that VTECH supply?

    Metal powders produced by VTECH are characterized by a spherical morphology and high packing density, which confer good flow properties. Moreover, the powders are qualified with the followings:
    Higher purity: strict controlling the contents of impurities O, N, H
    Better flowability and sphericity: few “satellite” powder, Uniform and ultrafine particle sizes, Smooth surface
    Better density properties: few hollow powders, higher apparent density and tap density

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    What types of powders can VTECH supply?

    VTECH supplies high-quality spherical metal powders.
    It can produce the whole series of advanced metal powders for additive manufacturing (3D printing), including Ti-based alloy powders, Mg-based alloy powders, Al-based alloy powders, Ni-based alloy powders, stainless steel powders, tool steel powders and amorphous alloy powders.
    VTECH also provides customized metal powders according to clients’ requirements.