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VTECH in AMCC 2018

Time: 2018-07-30

In July, the most significant event in additive manufacturing field was grandly opened in Hangzhou!

On July 26th to 28th , there were over 300 enterprises participated in Additive Manufacturing Conference of China 2018. This conference roundly demonstrated great achievements of technical innovation and pilot applications in additive manufacturing field. Besides, every enterprise promoted their technologies, products and excellent solutions.

As a professional manufacturer which produces micro & nano intelligent metal powders materials, VTECH adheres to the faith of intelligent manufacturing for great future, aims to developing VTECH as the most comprehensive and the most professional factory in the world, and corresponds to the theme “Additive Manufacturing gives rise to new growth drivers”. Many industry participants and visitors came to the booth for in-depth communication.

VTECH’ booth was visualized. The core product Ti-based alloy powders and its SEM images was a strong frontal “hit”. The main customized services was the lateral “assault”. Moreover, many visitors was definitely attracted by the orderly powders products, printed pieces, company brochures and hourglass with powders inside.

1、The President Mr. Wang talked with a leader of industry chain; A colleague of sales department introduced products to visitors.

2、Mr. Wang explained with enthusiasm.

3、General Manager Mr. Xiong talked with a media worker.

4、 “Round Table” meeting

During this conference, VTECH roundly displayed high-quality and various products and introduced customized services. At the same time, VTECH made the acquaintance of many industry participants, and there were even visitors proposed visits to VTECH and factory for further communication and cooperation. The in-depth exploration and communication enriched bilateral cognition and experience, making people full of confidence and expectation in developments of industry and company.

Thanks for the new and old customers’ supports in this conference.

Look forward to the next reunion!

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